Saturday, 1 August 2009

New Moon.

Well thats the poster of Twiligh saga: New Moon.
no doubt a lot of people have already watched it, but this one is so much better than Twilight and it should be great. I mean like the movie not the plot. Can't wait for the premere of it.
i have read all the books of Twilight saga, the socond is interesting only in the beginning and in the end, middle part just s****. haha lol. i hope the movie will be more colorful and exciting than book.
I cant wait to see those too perfect guys - Edward and Jacob :P also can't choose the team where i belongs to, love them both, but as person - Jacob is more like human not so perfect and smooth like Edward.. i think after the movie i am gonna find it out for myself. So i am waiting and just watching the treiler. :) also the soundtrack is pretty nice.


  1. even though I am not a twilight fan i would say JACOB JACOB JACOB :D
    he is more real, i really share your opinion :D

  2. haha lol yeah Jacob is the best :D