Friday, 30 April 2010


Laiks atkal skrien, 

Lietus līst, saule spīd, 

Bet tu saproti, ka tas ir ari viss

Nav nekā tuva, sava

Ir kaut kas tāls, auksts vienmēr aizmirsts

Skan dziesma fonā - dzīve 

Tu saproti, ka tā arī tas viss aizies

           nekam nemainoties. 

Līdz ar dziesmas beigām.

Censties ir bejēdzīgi, jo tas nelīdz,

Nelīdz nekas - pat ne asaras. 

Viss ir jāizbeidz -

                          jānozūd .... 

Bet tomēr vēl gribas ievilt elpu un turpināt... 

[1:28  by rodika ]


Jā, daži cilvēki patiešām zina, ka es rakstu dzeju. par visu.. pārsvarā par saviem pārdzīvojumiem and stuff. 

so yeah .. 

man ir po :D tas ir mans blogs . 

Other shit!!!

tā pāriesu uz LV, lai varu labāk, ātrāk un foršak izpausties°, liakma tomēr tgd es beidzot esmu back. gribu pierkastīt savas domas, iespaidus un dzīves uztveri analizēšu VISu kas ir ap un par!!! 


time to change!!! 

Provehito in Altum!!! 

Sunday, 31 January 2010


i guess. i am back. :)
just you know feels like i wanna tell smth, but nobody is reading it and i really feel like i want it now.

So whats to start with ...
- new year.
- brand new start in life

Monday, 17 August 2009

My 10 sexiest men /2009/

Now a lot of famous magazines are making such Tops and i tried to...
It was really hard to choose - seriously!!! but i tried .... lol

So what so you think... ->

p.s. it's 2009 / august / Top, cuz i am so changeable and there are a lot of other hot men!! haha

10. Colin Farrel

9. Shia LeBeouf

8. Taylor Lautner

7. Zac Efron

6. David Beckham

5. Johnny Depp

4. Cam Giganet

3. Adam Brody

2. Robert Pattinson

1. Jared Leto

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Finally! REAL STUDENT!! oficially :)

Yeeey! So happy - cuz now i am oficially a STUDENT! [feel myself so grown up] !
My uni - RTU [Riga Technical University] I am gonna study in Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering! [ i've got a budget place there :) ] - sounds really difficult huh?! haha lol
anyways i suppose that it's gonna be cool !

Also i was offered a budget place in LU [ University of Latvia ] in Faculty of history! I was so excited when i got an offer! :)) but i refused! :/ I was really confused cuz i LOVE history and also i have good skills in there, but nowadys history means noth.

well taking about my choice - its was hard cuz almost i like everything if it's some interesing stuff. Nowadays my country is in shity crisis and it's hard to find a job, so now students are trying to choose things they would like to study and later would be able to find some well - paid job! :)

p.s. I made my choice and hope i am not going to regret it!!!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


FINALLY!! Today I've watched the Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince [ on big screen =) ]
All Harry Potter movies i am watching on big screen - cuz i can't imagine watching them another way!
So the movie was - just AWESOME! However during the movie I was thinking of the book and trying to remember the details from it, and i felt a bit confused cuz some moments I really forgot! haha Also actors are playing better and better. It makes movie more interesting itself.

some moments!! -->