Thursday, 13 August 2009

Finally! REAL STUDENT!! oficially :)

Yeeey! So happy - cuz now i am oficially a STUDENT! [feel myself so grown up] !
My uni - RTU [Riga Technical University] I am gonna study in Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering! [ i've got a budget place there :) ] - sounds really difficult huh?! haha lol
anyways i suppose that it's gonna be cool !

Also i was offered a budget place in LU [ University of Latvia ] in Faculty of history! I was so excited when i got an offer! :)) but i refused! :/ I was really confused cuz i LOVE history and also i have good skills in there, but nowadys history means noth.

well taking about my choice - its was hard cuz almost i like everything if it's some interesing stuff. Nowadays my country is in shity crisis and it's hard to find a job, so now students are trying to choose things they would like to study and later would be able to find some well - paid job! :)

p.s. I made my choice and hope i am not going to regret it!!!


  1. congratulations on your choice! I bet your proffession will be definately useful all the time! thats why you made a good and sensible decision! :)
    p.s. I laughed a lot about 'my country is in shity crisis' - well said, girl :D

  2. thank you!! :* hope you're gonna make a good one for yourself too!! :)
    p.s. haha yeah - but thats true about our country :P lol