Monday, 17 August 2009

My 10 sexiest men /2009/

Now a lot of famous magazines are making such Tops and i tried to...
It was really hard to choose - seriously!!! but i tried .... lol

So what so you think... ->

p.s. it's 2009 / august / Top, cuz i am so changeable and there are a lot of other hot men!! haha

10. Colin Farrel

9. Shia LeBeouf

8. Taylor Lautner

7. Zac Efron

6. David Beckham

5. Johnny Depp

4. Cam Giganet

3. Adam Brody

2. Robert Pattinson

1. Jared Leto


  1. I agree taht is is really hard to choose :D i wouldn`t do that ever... :D I think all of them are great... and... if only I had one of them :D (inlove) :D

  2. yeah i want it too [ have at least one of them ] lol haha